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Technical Services

Closed Captioning Services is a one-stop shop for not only caption creation, but also for encoding and duplication of captioned masters. With our services, you can enjoy the ease of having captions created and captioned masters made in one place, economically and quickly. In addition to creating a caption file, CCS offers encoding in both standard definition and high definition formats. The encoding process inserts the caption data into what will become the closed captioned masters. Dubs can be ordered as well and shipped to your clients directly from CCS.

CCS offers both high definition and standard definition formats, working with source and destination formats including: Digibeta • Betasp • HDCam SR • HDCam • D5 • DVCPro • DVD • MiniDV • Hard Drives

View a full list of our deliverables here.

For more information about CCS' technical services, send an email or call our North Hollywood office at (818) 755-0410. Please also take a look at our encoding capabilities.