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Realtime (Live) Captioning

Realtime captioning is the process of creating captions live for programs that are either broadcast live or are produced too late to be captioned in advance.

Realtime captioning is performed by court reporters who received caption-specific training to steno caption at speeds of up to 250 words per minute with 97-99% accuracy. These highly specialized captioners watch and listen to a live program and create captions which appear within about 2 seconds of the spoken word. Each captioner works with a universal dictionary in which the captioner has entered special names, places, terminology, etc. that is germane to the programming being captioned.

Realtime captions are fed from the caption-creation site to the client's encoding site, where the captions are integrated with the program or signal.

While live captioning, like live television, isn't always perfect, CCS' captioners are the most skilled caption writers working in the industry today. Our captioners are familiar with captioning live news, sports, music and awards programs, and municipal and government events and teleconferences.

For more information about our realtime captioning services, including rates, send an email or call our North Hollywood office at (818) 755-0410. Please also see out broadcast captioning services page.