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Offline Captioning

CCS is a national leader of offline captioning services. Offline captions for pre-recorded programming are prepared in advance of the program's broadcast or before mass duplication on DVD and tape. Preparing captions offline allows for the most accurate captioning possible.

Our highly trained captioners typically work from DVD's or other source material to create captions. CCS captions the audio content verbatim and assigns time codes to sync the textual information with the audio tracks. Caption styles can be designated as either Pop On or Roll Up, depending on the client's specification.

Pop On captions appear similarly to subtitles and can be moved around the screen to help indicate who is speaking.

Roll Up captions are 2 or 3-lines of captioning scrolling from the top or bottom, similar to the look of live captioning.

Each caption must be created, timed, and placed, and the entire program is reviewed with the captions to check for accuracy of the wording, spelling, punctuation, and timing. Once the captioning has been completed, CCS can either e-mail the caption files to the client or the client's facility for encoding. During encoding, the captions are transferred to the final captioned master. All dubs made from the captioned master will automatically contain captions. Captions will also be present when satellite feeds of a captioned master are broadcast.

CCS provides encoding as part of our suite of Technical Services.

CCS is committed to working with every client to ensure that production deadlines are met. CCS helps prepare a custom schedule with each client to provide the highest-quality captions in the most efficient manner possible.

For more information about our offline captioning services, including rates and turnaround, send an email or call our North Hollywood office at (818) 755-0410. PLease also see our broadcast captioning services page.