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Captionticker™ for Conferences and Meetings

CCS also offers high-quality live captioning services for your conferences, meetings or teleconferences through our CaptionTicker™ services. For over 10 years, CCS has been a leader in conference captioning for major corporations, associations and event planners. CaptionTicker™ is the ideal one-stop solution for accessibility, transcription, and visual emphasis for your keynote speeches, meetings and conferences.

Any meeting or conference which is televised or videotaped can be captioned and transcribed so that all attendees can read on screen what is being spoken. Transcripts of speeches or sessions can then also be provided to conference attendees. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing or whose first language is not English, as well as members of the general audience, will benefit from captions. Captions can also be transcribed or translated into Spanish for presentations that are in English or Spanish.


View our CaptionTicker™ brochure.

To learn more about CaptionTicker™, send an email or call our North Hollywood office at (818) 755-0410.